Canadas New Hip Hop Artist GotChi Drops his New Single “Got It Lock”

Watch out Drake!   Another hot Hip Hop Artist is coming out of Canada!  GOTCHI~ This brilliantly talented recording artist lyrical prowess is masterful; lyrically he uses his platform to express relatable sentiment which is always in tune by the timeless vibes of classic Hip Hop. Yet, Gotchi does so much more than just assimilate former sounds. He packs in plenty of wavy melodies which sweep along with the atmospheric layers of reverb. Inspired from a plethora of experiences GOTCHI writes his own music that reaches out to the new or seasoned fan of Hip Hop/Rap/Pop, his style fits well into the crossover genre.

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This song boasts a melodic vibe with raw lyrics and vocals, the beat is smooth and uplifting, it is easy to listen to and keeps the listener wanting more. Gotchi is innovative with his rap style and his visuals, Got It Lock was inspired by this need to experiment and continue to create the perfect visuals to build and add to the story line of the song. The song was made to reach larger audiences with its universal melodic sound, this Toronto native artist is being called one of the most versatile artists of his generation, always surprising his fans with different material. This video was filmed in Ontario the first scene was at an abandoned gas station which was later demolished weeks after the shooting. The story line displays Gotchicontemplating a mission in the beginning and or preparing for something , perhaps nervous and or anxious to have it done he is hoping that things will go accordingly. The in between scenes display his inner inflections and reflections to the atmosphere and display his outlaw image , and the Wild West theme the video has. Finally he arrives at a destination and leaves successful and mission completed, Gotchi ends up at a Bates motel looking establishment where he than can finally relax and lay low until his long ride back to the city, in the room you can see him counting his earnings and celebrating. 

The second song released Dolla Signs….

It is a special one to me, old school feel, a genuine vibe that combine well with the lyrics and a need to express honesty. This is a feel good song the inspiration came from keeping it simple but in the times to provide related content for the viewer and to create a happy buzz that can fill your mind with ease.  This song reminds us that even when we are up we must be grounded to where we come from and let that be the force that guides us for the future. We can’t forget who we are as we move forward but understand that we do change and as we go through life we should stay growing and then we can guarantee that we will supersede our struggles. Most of Gotchis’ music is made in a serious state of mind with some melodic sounds also that you can vibe to; in this case this song was mostly made out of pure fun and just to create a work of art that can uplift and put you in a good mood. The song was recorded as a demo and had delay on it by accident that created a new melody and it came out sounding different than I had imagined it so I had used that new found sound to continue onto the final product.

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