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OnDeckMagazine is on a mission to keep you informed as to who and what’s hot and up next, relative to independently released music, books and films. We are the premiere online news and information source for independently entertainment releases. Our events create an atmosphere where artist, fans and industry professionals can meet and network. OnDeckMagazine is entertaining, it also raises the awareness of decision makers regarding new innovative trends, from a grassroots level. OnDeckMagazine ignites conversations on important issues concerning music, book and film creators, all the while utilizing direct feedback for fans and entertainment consumers worldwide. OnDeckMagazine prides itself in working with and alone side industry leaders and trendsetters on a day to day bases, which in return helps us keep our readers well informed and current on what’s hot and up next. When you’re looking for new music, independent films, videos or digital entertainment media; click on to: OnDeckMagazine.com

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