He’s Back! Stevie B Returns with New Release “Lucifer’s Rain”

By: Paul Caruthers

Stevie B Release his new single “Lucifer’s Rain”. It Rock, It’s Folk. It’s Americana, It’s Poetry and It’s great music!!

After many years of self-exile from the performing side of the entertainment industry, Stevie B has finally returned with his new single “Lucifer’s Rain”. The song takes a nonpolitical and devilishly scathing look at the events of January 6, 2021, and the years that followed. It is a powerful reminder of the consequences of the actions of that day.

The song begins with a concise sermon derived from a verse within the Bible’s Book of Job and ends with an eerie warning of what the future may hold for America. Sandwiched in between is a poetic recounting of documented details of what occurred in DC that sad day. While pulling no punches, Stevie B manages to take neither side on the right or left of the often battling 2 party system more times than not sitting philosophically miles apart from one another on most issues. He sticks to facts – and just the facts!

The single became available for retail purchase and online streaming beginning April 17th. It began going for radio playlist adds the week of April 24th. You can watch the “Lucifer’s Rain” music video that was entirely created using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology (https://youtu.be/dekrOeA5B9U).

Stevie B’s return to the music scene is sure to be met with enthusiasm from fans who have been eagerly awaiting his return. His unique style of music and lyrics have been sorely missed, and “Lucifer’s Rain” is sure to be a hit.

The single is available now on all major streaming platforms, and Stevie B is currently working on his next album. Fans can expect more of his signature sound and thought-provoking lyrics in the upcoming project.

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