Ava Cherry Returns With Testify Love

Testify Love is the latest release from Chicago musician Ava Cherry. It’s an upbeat dance tune that this girl from the Southside of Chicago tears into and wears like a crown. Four minutes of intense beats and memorable melodies made for dancing, or listening to while in an easy chair at home, it’s a bit of musical magic that’s destined to become a classic in its own time.

It’s the second single coming from the Wake Up! Music record company for Ava Cherry (https://avacherry.com/). Earlier they had released her cover of the Bowie hit called Let’s Dance. Cherry worked as a backup singer (along with Luther Vandross and Robin Clarke) for Bowie beginning in the 1970s and the two of them were inseparable as bread and butter in the years that followed. The duo blended their voices together on Bowie’s music both in the recording studio as well as on the stage.

Other notable acts Ava Cherry has worked with over the years include Curtis Mayfield (he produced her single, Love Is Good News, that she recorded for his Curtom label and in the 1980s, Ripe!!!, her first album which he co-produced with Gil Askey and Bobby Eli). Later in the 80s she was signed to Capitol Records and released another album titled Streetcar Named Desire. Also during that decade she reunited with Vandross to work on His Any Love LP and continued working with him for over a decade.