A New Vibe in Rock N Roll – DAR.RA



By AL Geiner:

Rock N Roll will always be but it needs a shake up every now and then. DAR.RA is giving it a NEW VIBE, a retro-flavoured infusion with Electronica! Not fazed by the lack of mainstream attention DAR.RA is free to explore deeper subjects and meanings that are relevant to a plethora of peoples that some artists are afraid to touch. From social justice, the environment to Animal charities the core of his music is deep and personal, deep driven beats, poignant lyrics that send a message all wrapped up in a sweet-sounding rock-dance-soul electronic rhythmical experience.

From the Emerald Isle now living in the English Countryside DAR.RA not only takes on musical excursions but is also an author of several books. He takes the metaphorical subway to his creative destinations, as in his words, “It’s a safer place to create on the underground.” Setting up Kusha Deep Records in 2003, after a second tour of Australia and New Zealand, it was clear that, if you did not do it for yourself, no one else would come to the rescue and release music that didn’t fit in with the Swedish pop writing factory sound, or the X-factor machine that did nothing, but to devalue music even more than Napster had already.

Now fast forward to 2019, and it’s even clearer that this decision was right. For more information on DAR.RA and Kusha Deep Records please visit www.kushadeep.co.uk

His Latest song Diamonds In The Shadows to be best put by DAR.RA himself…” touches on the struggle for people to step out of the everyday confines that we become chained too in order to fit into the stereotype that society expects of us. We fall into a kind of lab experiment where we are tested by the powers that be to conform to whatever we are told to do. Diamonds is about not allowing our true essence to be worn away and urges the Subconscious to rise from its slumber and shine as we are supposed to. To go beyond limiting thinking and create miracles from ideas to save the planet to healing sickness to living long and fulfilling lives that leave behind an amazing trial of mind-blowing achievements  

Dar.Ra is a rock and roll diamond in the rough molded in the shadows. The British invasion has taken over once again.

You can stream the new song on all Streaming services and various Playlists also by listening to onlyrockradio.com or by ticking here https://open.spotify.com/track/5AJBWOsOBOtz49URI9Qdwt

Editorial link https://soundcloud.com/kushadeep/diamonds-in-the-shadows-radio-mix

Listen to all his music via https://open.spotify.com/artist/4ylWxjm90yeGKeIIaSO0wL

DJS can find it  by joining up +via Starfleet Music Record Pool www.starfleetmusic.com 

Make sure and Watch the music video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOk0dZzOiIs

Follow DAR.Ra on social media for exclusive photos, behind the scenes looks and video message update @KushaDeepMusic https://www.instagram.com/dar.ra.brady/


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